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Cyber alert - Send a Letter to your legislator

Dear Families,

The legislature is still discussing the budget and funding for our schools is still on part of the discussion. In our last alert we asked you to contact your legislators to tell them to protect our funding and to write a letter to your local paper.

We have one additional way to contact your legislators.  We have set up a letter desk.  The letter desk will send a pre-written letter to your legislator.  There is also a space for you to add a personal note to each letter.  When you enter all of your information the form will automatically send it to your representative and senator.

Below is a copy of the letter it will send for you. The letter desk is just one more way for us to let those in Harrisburg know how important our schools are for our children.

Thank you to all of you who have been busy writing and calling.  We cannot sit by and let funding for our schools be cut.  There are lots of organizations such as the Pennsylvania School Boards Association (PSBA) and the Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA) who are pushing hard to have our funding cut. We cannot let these and other groups control the discussion. We need to let our voices be heard!

Go to and fill out the form. It is that simple. You can also chose the option to include a short personal story.  Please send a letter today.  Share this with all of your friends and have them send letters too.

Thank you for protecting our schools!

Stay energized!

Monica Allison

Dear (Legislator)

Recently it was reported that the legislature is considering cuts to charter and cyber charter schools.  Please do not cut funding for our schools. Our schools give a quality education for over 42,000 students across the Commonwealth, including mine.

The Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools compiled data from the Department of Education that really explains very well what our opponents do not want you to know.

"What does it show?  Declining school district enrollment and increased expenditures for school districts.  Increased enrollment and a rounding error gain in expenditures for charters.  How small?  In 2008-2009 charter school spending per student was $10,750.39.  In 2010-2011 it was $10,753.18.You read that correct - $2.79 increase per student. District spending per student in 2008-2009 was $13,960.06 and $15,139.63 in 2010-1011, a $1,179.57 gain.  As you know, charter funding is a year behind, so they expect a cut of 7%-10% this coming year based upon current year budget cuts."  

We agree that the funding formula is broke.  But making cuts without solving the real problem will only hurt our schools and ultimately our children. Our schools are public schools and our children need to be treated fairly. As a parent of a cyber school student, my children deserve to have the best education and that has been through our public cyber schools.

Please do not consider any legislation or budget that would cut the funding for public cyber schools.

Thank you for helping to protect our schools!

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