Cyber Alert - Devastating Cuts to Cyber Schools! Call Your Representative Today!

Dear Families,

The House is still considering legislation that will cut our funding to our public cyber schools! Whether through HB 530 or through a tax vote, the cuts are TRIPLE than the original bill!

This would mean that most of our public cyber schools would face a cut that is equal to 25 percent of their budget!

I know we have sent out cyber alerts in the past that have let you know of cuts.  This time it is the most serious!  We can not stress enough how important it is to call your representative to tell them to vote NO on HB 530 or any legislation that will cut our funding! The cuts would slash the funding for our schools to levels forcing our public cyber schools to close their virtual doors!  

How is this fair to our children? Our students are public school students and need to have the same consideration as any other student.

If these cuts are passed, this funding gap will only continue to increase. Cyber charter schools are public schools, too, and we simply cannot accept this unequal funding treatment.
Contact your representative in the House today in their Harrisburg office and ask them to vote NO to HB 530 or to legislation that cuts cyber charter school funding!  If you don’t know who your representative is, go to and scroll down to Links. Then click on find your legislator. On the left side of the page you will see “Find My Legislator”. Enter your information and it will bring up your legislator and how to contact them. 

We have repeatedly asked this question: Why are our children being treated like second-class students? After all, students enrolled in online schools already get 30 percent less funding than other public school students, and cyber school funding accounts for less than 1 percent of the total Pennsylvania spends on public schools every year.

For some of you that are new to our organization, PA Families was organized in 2006 by parents with one goal: to help preserve and protect the public education choice we have made for our children.

We are the ONLY parent led organization in Pennsylvania advocating for our cyber school children.  For too long, student needs have been overshadowed in the education debate. We need legislators to hear your stories and how our public cyber schools have helped your families.
Please call them today! 

Your voice CAN make a difference!
As always, thank you all for helping to protect our public cyber schools!

Stay energized!

Monica Allison

Posted on December 17, 2015 .