Who We Are

Pennsylvania Families for Public Cyber Schools was formed in 2006 to help preserve and protect the public education choice we have made for our children. We are the ONLY parent led organization to advocate for and fight to protect our public cyber schools!

In Harrisburg, our state policymakers often hear from groups eager to protect their interests. Too often, however, the views of parents and children directly affected fail to be heard.

We work to educate policymakers on the importance of our schools and the success they already have enjoyed by hosting town meetings, rallies and other special events to make sure our voices are heard in the halls of the Pennsylvania Capitol. Our goal is to dispel the myths surrounding public cyber schools and to protect our schools from those who threaten to eliminate them.

We are asking you to join us. You do not have to have a child enrolled in a public cyber school to help. But by working together, we can ensure our schools are protected for our children and for future generations. My family is just one of many thousands of Pennsylvania families who value the quality education our children are receiving through public cyber schools

Please join in our efforts to keep public cyber schools as a choice for every Pennsylvania family. I hope you will take the opportunity to view all of the information and resources we have on this site.